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09/30/2018 Liberty Parent Company’s Acquisition of PHH Receives Regulatory Approval (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
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08/28/2018 WSJ Positions Aging in Place as Economical Alternative to Assisted Living (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
08/27/2018 Modeling Reverse Mortgage Outcomes Key to Financial Planner Acceptance (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
08/27/2018 10% of Surveyed Seniors Say They’ll Fund Long-Term Care with Reverse Mortgages (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
02/13/2017 New Thinking About Reverse Mortgages (WSJ)
02/02/2017 Liberty Hires Three Reverse Mortgage Industry Veterans to Drive Sales Growth (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
02/01/2017 Reverse Mortgage Crystal Ball: Biggest Opportunities in 2017 (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
04/26/2016 Reverse mortgages in the news (NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt)
04/13/2016 Reverse Mortgages Are the Epitome of Retirement Planning Efficiency (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
04/12/2016 HUD Plans to ‘Mystery Shop’ Lenders for Reverse Mortgage Counselor Steering (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
04/06/2016 Ginnie Mae Plans to Enhance HMBS Program for Reverse Mortgage Lenders (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
04/06/2016 Academic Acceptance for Reverse Mortgages in Retirement Income (
04/06/2016 MarketWatch Compares Reverse Mortgage With Other Equity-Tapping Tools (
03/25/2016 5 Ways Reverse Mortgages Make Retirement Easier (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
03/25/2016 U.S. Seniors’ Home Equity is Now a $5.83 Trillion Reverse Mortgage Opportunity (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
03/25/2016 Study: Reverse Mortgage Borrowers Report High Satisfaction Levels (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
10/2015 Liberty Hires Alissa Scott-Prieto as Regional Account Manager (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
10/2015 Moving Forward Under Change: Q&A with Liberty President Mike Kent (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
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12/2013 Increasing the Sustainable Withdrawal Rate Using the Standby Reverse Mortgage (Journal of Financial Planning)
8/26/13 Financial Planners Change Tune on Reverse Mortgages (
7/12/13 Thomas joins Liberty as national HECM for Purchase manager
7/2/13 Ellsworth Liberty’s new field division sales manager
4/17/13 Post Ocwen Acquisition Liberty Sheds Light on Reverse Mortgage Plans (
4/4/13 Ocwen Financial Purchases Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc.
4/1/13 NRMLA Announces West Coast Reverse Mortgage Conference (
4/1/13 How Much will FHA Reverese Mortgage Product Changes Impact Business? (
4/1/13 Mortgage Professor: Borrowers, Don’t Wait on Reverse Mortgages (
4/1/13 Pressure Mounts for FHA Reform Think Tank (
4/1/13 NBC’s Morning Joe: Let the Reverse Mortgage Debate Begin (
3/21/13 Senior Home Equity on the Rise, Reaches $3.2 Trillion in Q4 (
3/19/13 Liberty Hires David Cook as Wholesale Reverse Mortgage Leader (
3/18/13 February Home Sales in SoCal highest in Six Years, Strong Investor Buying (
3/18/13 No Signs of a Slowdown for Prices; Market Poised for Supply Increase (
3/18/13 Mortgage Rates Jump on Better-than-Expected Economic News (
3/15/13 For Modern Retirees, There’s No Place Like Home (
3/13/13 With Housing Rebound, Home Equity Could Be Part Of Your Retirement Plan (
2/28/13 Foreclosures Down 17.8% As Housing Rebounds (
2/28/13 Using Reverse Mortgages Properly (
2/14/13 Genworth Completes Name Change to Liberty Home Equity Solutions (
2/4/13 Reverse Mortgages See Strong Start to 2013 (
1/30/13 FHA to Halt Fixed Rate Standard Reverse Mortgage Starting April 1 (
1/29/13 Reverse Mortgage Counseling Faces New Challenges in Funding Change (
1/29/13 WSJ Highlights Reverse Mortgage Purchase Success (
1/28/13 Mortgage Prof.: FHA Reverse Mortgage Needs to Appeal to a Different Crowd (
1/28/13 Illinois High Cost Law Gets Postponed, Prompts Reverse Mortgage Impact (
1/27/13 Mortgage Brokers: New Lending Rules Single Out Small Business (
1/24/13 HUD to Implement New Funding Process for Reverse Mortgage Counseling (
1/23/13 NCOA Issues New Reverse Mortgage Guide for All Counseling Clients (
1/23/13 Baby Boomers Remodeling to Age in Place Will be the Trend: Harvard Study (
1/22/13 CFPB Adopts New Appraisal Rules for Mortgage Lending (
1/17/13 CFPB Lays Down New Mortgage Servicing Rules, Targets Foreclosures (
1/16/13 Texas One Step Closer to Full Reverse Mortgage Potential (
1/13/13 The Year Ahead for Reverse Mortgages: 2013 (
1/13/13 Seniors Most Likely to Have No Mortgage Debt: Zillow (
12/26/12 Senior Home Equity Reaches Highest Level Since 2009 (
12/17/12 Reverse Mortgage Market Will Rise Again in 2014: Analysts (
12/13/12 Reverse Mortgages and Mick Jagger Make Letterman Appearance (