Meet Our Clients

Over the years, we have received countless letters of thanks from the many clients that we have helped. For many of the clients we assist, obtaining a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (Also known as a reverse mortgage) was a life changing event. Here are some of the personal stories that our clients have shared with us through the years.

As Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc. (2004-2020)

Margene Burns' Story

Margene Burns’ Story
Ron Whitney's Story

Ron Whitney’s Story
Jean Kelley's Story

Jean Kelley’s Story
John Bertoni's Story

John Bertoni’s Story
Rose Collin's Story

Rose Collin’s Story

As Genworth Financial Home Equity Access, Inc. (2007-2012)

Mary Swartz's Story

Mary Swartz’s Story
Dorothy Barnes' Story

Dorothy Barnes’ Story
Biff Clair's Story

Biff Clair’s Story

Customer Feedback *

My wife and I talked it over. She wanted to retire. She was in a high pressure job and she wanted to get out from under that. We had a few bills we wanted to clear out. So we decided to go with a reverse mortgage and used it to pay off our debts.

I called 2 to 3 different companies and with all of the information I received, I went with Genworth [now Libery]. It was a great experience. My loan advisor was wonderful, went through every detail.

Since we have gotten it; it will be going on two years now. I have just been so relieved that all of my bills are paid off. I have a fair amount of money in my savings, and I am secure. Overall this experience has been very satisfying.

Gary T., 2012

I was very skeptical at first, but before I do anything I look into it carefully. So I did the research before I made the decision. I checked everything out and I felt comfortable with it. I am using a reverse mortgage to get everything fixed up on my house. A reverse mortgage has made things easier. When I need money it is there. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

It was quick for getting a loan. Everyone explained everything and they were all so helpful. Really, how could anyone not be happy with this?

Jane C., 2012

* Reverse mortgage customer testimonials were obtained via a phone survey questionnaire conducted February, 2012 by GFHEA with release of survey results & statements authorized by the borrowers.